Our Process


We like to get to know you before we begin designing for you.  It is important that open and honest communication is free-flowing from client to designer.  We need a lot of information from you; verbal descriptions of your likes and dislikes.  We also need you to provide us with images that express your style and vision of what you would like your space to look & feel like; magazine pictures, web-sites, photographs, sketches etc. as well as neighborhood information and/or HOA rules.  The more thorough you can be the better we will be able to provide a design that best suits your project.


Once we get to know you, our design process begins.  Digital storyboards are a great way to convey a concept or idea. It allows the designer to double check how all the elements interact with one another, and it’s a wonderful tool to help clients visualize an unrealized space. Paint, wallpaper, furniture, finishes, and textures are all spec-ed out. These storyboards are easily emailed and edits are made remotely. In addition to storyboards, room renderings and hand drawings are often created to assist in the design process and approval phase.


Designing a beautiful space is only valuable if it can be recreated.  It is of the utmost importance to work with the best artisans and installers.  With over a decade of experience,  Erin Melkonian Designs has a trusted arsenal of valued trades-people.


We’ve all heard the phrase: The devil’s in the details.  No tune rings more true in the realm of interior design.  The perfect finishes, fabrics, and fashions are not complete until the spaced is styled to perfection.


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