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Styling Vibes: Earth Tones

One of our favorite things to do at EMID is to complete a space.  And by complete a space I mean add a touch of style with practical and beautiful pieces.  Many of our clients cannot fully enjoy and appreciate a space without the proper style to give each design

Fall Mood: Pumpkins & Terra Cotta

After a sweltering Fresno summer, there’s FINALLY a hint of fall in the air!!! It’s got me feeling all the fall feels and inspired to style a fall table. Since my house is succulent/plant heavy, I tried to come up with a concept that would feel super fall, but remain

Luxe, Feminine, Effortless, Chic

These days I am really feeling the soft color vibes of nudes.  If fact I now consider gray in the nude family.  It is a color that has become extremely popular in the past few years and you can see why! A few months ago I was working on a

Feeling Patriotic

So I had a cool mood board to share with you, buuuttt to be honest, it was way too cool and composed to share, as my Monday mood this week is that of a small child waiting to smash open a piñata at a birthday party!  Woohoo! I really wanted

Fringe, Fun, and Rock ‘n Roll

I always love to look at what people are wearing to festivals like Coachella.  I think people get a chance to express themselves through their clothing and accessories, and I especially love seeing creative festival looks.  Some of my favs are fringe and suede.  I also like to push my

Bars! Bars! Bars!

I know, I know, its Monday right?!?  The weekend just finished and we are all busy getting back into our work or school routine.  Maybe you had a few too many drinks this weekend at that party or maybe you desperately needed one.  Either way there’s nothing that makes me

Monday Mood: Green With Envy

They say that geniuses choose green.  That’s what my 12th grade English teacher, Mr. Craig, told me anyway.  Well, I wouldn’t say I’m a genius (wink) but you won’t find me passing up this bold trend.  Green is the color of renewal and growth.  It symbolizes balance, calm and harmony.

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