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Bathrooms: Little Spaces – Big Style

Bathrooms are definitely a favorite space to design for me.  Size does not matter.  Pack these sanitary spaces with bold color, excessive lighting, and unique finishes.  Here are some of my favorite Pinterest finds.

Hang Your Light Fixture At The Perfect Height Every Time

I can’t tell you how often I get the frantic call from a home owner or contractor exclaiming, “We are ready to hang the chandelier, how high should it be?”.  Or a photo text of a hand holding a sconce up to the wall asking, “Here??? Or lower??”. Let me

All About: Wallpaper! Go Big or Go Home

I love using wallpaper.  It’s a very luxurious way to add flare to your space.  There is a bit of technicality associated with the installation of wallpaper, but here are three easy steps to ensure you end up with a beautiful install: Prep walls: Walls need to be smooth.  A


Today we are talking about lighting!!! Ambient, direct, LED, halogen, low-voltage, florescent, along with my favorite table lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers, sconces, and more.  There should always be multiple sources of light in every room.  Generally it’s a combination of ambient and direct lighting. Treat a light fixture as if


If you love the look of marble (who doesn’t?!) but are worried about the maintnence and etching, Quartzite is a great alternative. Quartzite is a natural stone that begins as sandstone and over time synthesizes into a durable surface. You can use Quartzite almost anywhere in your home including kitchen

Refresh for Back-to-School

    Parents are jumping for joy as kids head back to school!  Inspire your kids to do their best work this school year with a fresh new workspace. Keep the desk neutral and add a fun rug and art to complete the look. When your kids grow and their

All About: Plinth Base Furniture

Ever see this cool base on a piece of furniture and not know what to call it? It is a plinth base, and it has become very popular in all types of design spaces. A plinth is defined as an architectural detail, usually a box or a platform in which,

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